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Focus on: Planned Workplace Support

Planned Workplace Support (PWS) is provided in a planned and proactive manner to workplace events that are not critical but may result in employees experiencing a level of psychological distress.

Examples of such events include:

  • Exposure to difficult workplace situations.
  • Potentially distressing workplace training or education.
  • Team support when a colleague returns to work following a significant life event.

Planned Workplace Support means always looking out for your people

PWS is focused on ensuring the ongoing wellbeing of employees. It looks after your people in anticipation of those who may experience distress following a training session or workplace event.

Planned Workplace Support often assist with:

  • Providing recommendations around ongoing support following an event.
  • Maintaining or improving employee psychological wellbeing following an event.
  • Providing employees with psychoeducation and resilience-building strategies.
  • Identifying and supporting employees who may have experienced distressing symptoms and normalising responses.

How your organisation benefits

Proactive support demonstrates your organisation’s investment in wellbeing, in fostering a psychologically safe workplace and a culture of addressing workplace mental health.
In addition, it also maintains your organisations financial, legal and moral imperatives.

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How we run Planned Workplace Support

Planned Workplace Support can be provided onsite, virtually or via telephone, and is available 24/7/365. It can be booked for a period of support of up to one (1) month at a time and can include individual or multiple days of support.

Next step

If you are a people leader that wants to ensure the ongoing wellbeing of employees, please call your Customer Relationship Manager directly, and they will guide you through the process.
Alternatively, please email your request to [email protected].