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14 May, 20

Preparing as a people leader for the next phase of work

As some people leaders and staff begin to return to offices and public workplaces, many of the organisations they work for will be focusing on near-term recovery, or how to position themselves within rapidly changing industries and consumer behaviour. Although we will likely refer back to recent times as before and after COVID-19, no-one truly knows what we can expect as we return to our traditional places of work.

Here are two key leadership characteristics people leaders should focus on to prepare for the next phase of work.

Resilience as a way of being

Resilient leaders are defined by who they are and what they do in times of uncertainty and rapid change. Resilience is the ability to survive and thrive through these unpredictable, changing, and unfavourable times. According to Deloitte, resilient leaders view recovery as a journey for their organisation, teams and stakeholders, where they work to apply the required mindset shift, identify and navigate uncertainties and implications, and establish genuine trust among their teams, in order to promote recovery. 1

To find out more about how to build resilience, download our fact sheet “Building Resilience”.

Leading with clarity and purpose

According to McKinsey, to chart a clear way forward post COVID-19, leaders should focus on three crucial components to achieve positive and effective leadership:

  1. Clarifying your purpose:  Take a step back to remind yourself of the bigger picture and what your purpose of leadership is. Emphasising your own, as well as your organisation's purpose, promotes confidence and collaboration among stakeholders and staff.
  2. Supporting your stakeholders: Ask yourself what you can do to safeguard and support the people who rely on your organisation. Who are your stakeholders, what are their needs, and what can you do to be of service?
  3. Bolstering your emotional and organisational resilience: Return to resilience, and not just your emotional resilience, but also that of your organisation. Applying a purpose over a long period requires resolve and self-awareness. Ask yourself what exactly it is you say and do that makes you a more considerate and capable people leader. This begins at home, by reflecting on what you do for yourself to find the energy, resolve, perspective and clarity.  2

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Explore more with these resources:

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2 Liz Hilton Segal, "Positive leadership in uncertain times", 23 April 2020

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