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Our Incident Management services provide unrivalled support to individuals, people leaders and teams during times of crisis and uncertainty.



We were the first EAP provider to offer a Critical Incident response and support, pioneering a new Incident Management support category within the industry.

Our experience and expertise provide an unparalleled level of support.

Today, Critical Incident forms part of our complete Incident Management Service, comprised of four support pillars.

Incident Management services help leaders care for their teams, minimise the long-term impact on individuals and reduce downtime and productivity loss. In 2021 alone, we provided more than 45,000 hours of critical incident support.

Please call 1300 360 364 (AU) or 0800 360 364 (NZ) to access the services and select option 2.

  • Experienced, professional support for your workforce
  • Reduced short-term down time
  • Reduced long-term risk
  • Earlier recovery and more effective return to work
Complete Support
Critical Incidents
Critical Incidents

Support for a fast recovery and peace of mind.

Critical incidents present a risk to the health, wellbeing and safety of your workforce and organisation. We understand you can’t prepare for every possible situation, which is why we provide immediate, comprehensive support for any critical incident or major event. 

Based on the latest research and current best-practice, our model provides an integrated set of strategies to prevent severe, long-term reactions to workplace critical incidents. Helping individuals and teams deal with and understand how to care for themselves and others during these times. 

We support you following a wide range of critical incidents including:

  • Death or injury at your workplace
  • Natural disasters
  • Robbery or armed robbery
  • Terrorist related event
  • Aggravated assault or aggression
  • Inappropriate customer behaviour

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  • Immediate and comprehensive support
  • Mitigate risk and minimise impact
  • Protect the psychological safety of your people
Planned Workplace Support
Planned Workplace Support
Planned Workplace Support

Planned, proactive support for challenging workplace events.

Planned Workplace Support (PWS) offers planned and preventative support for adverse workplace events that may cause psychological distress to employees. 

Examples of scenarios where our customers use Planned Workplace Support include:

  • When employees are repeatedly exposed to difficult workplace situations.
  • When making announcements that may trigger adverse reactions.
  • Alongside workplace training that may trigger distress.
  • Providing team support when a colleague returns to work following a significant life event.
  • Addressing cumulative incidents without a specific, triggering incident.

Delivered by our experienced clinicians, Planned Workplace Support helps to reduce the negative impact of challenging workplace events on employee wellbeing and organisational performance.

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  • Planned and preventative early intervention support
  • Safeguards the wellbeing of your people
  • Reduces the negative impact of challenging workplace events on organisational performance
Organisational Change
Organisational Change
Organisational Change

Successfully navigate organisational change.

Change is inevitable and as organisations grow and evolve, having a plan in place that supports the wellbeing of your people during these times is imperative. Our experience tells us that organisations are more likely to successfully navigate change when employee wellbeing is put first and stress and uncertainty is minimised. 

Our Organisational change service assists individuals, teams and organisations through significant change including:

  • Workplace restructures
  • Redundancies and terminations
  • Disciplinary meetings and performance conversations
  • Changes to role type or tasks due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. COVID-19)

Our team provides psychological support for individuals, planning and preparation for leaders, work maintenance and adjustment as well as risk identification and management. 

Want to plan and prepare for significant organisational change? Request more information

  • Planning and preparation for leaders
  • Onsite support during change and uncertainty
  • Minimise the impact of change on your people

Helping your people cope with grief and loss.

The sudden or unexpected loss of a colleague can trigger a wide range of physical and emotional responses. While grief is our natural response to loss, knowing and understanding how to process grief can be complex. 

Our Grief service provides your organisation with professional, compassionate support following the death of an employee (or individual known to your organisation) that has taken place outside of the workplace. 

Offered to individual employees, teams or workplace-wide, our Grief service helps you create a safe workplace culture that enables your people to process grief in a healthy, supportive way. 

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  • Compassionate support during times of sorrow
  • Create a safe and supportive work culture
  • Process grief in a healthy, supportive way

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