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We spend approximately one third of our adult life at work, so it makes sense to spend it well. Healthy employees tend to be happier and more engaged, which also means they are more productive.



Plus, an attractive workforce wellness program is an important factor in recruiting and retaining quality talent. So how do you proactively create a culture of wellbeing at work? It’s about getting to know the needs of your people and organisation and then designing a strategy suited to their needs. This could include implementing supervision programs, conducting well-checks or providing regular health checks.

We can help you with a vast array of activities that will achieve tangible and measurable results.

  • Happier and healthier employees
  • Enhanced recruitment and retention
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Improved engagement, productivity and commitment
Workforce Engagement
Workforce Wellbeing
Workforce Wellbeing

Creating healthy levels of workforce engagement

What do ‘engaged’ employees do for your organisation? They are on board with, and are working towards, your organisational goals.

Why? Because they know it’s a win-win for them and for the organisation to do so.

Our experience shows that wellbeing sessions offered to your entire workforce can effectively lift and maintain healthy levels of engagement. This is particularly important for organisations going through change to nurture a positive workforce culture.

You can improve and maintain workforce-wide wellbeing through interactive and engaging sessions on different topics delivered via:

  • Health programs
  • Lunch and learn seminars
  • Onsite coaching clinics

Want to lift your workforce engagement levels? Talk to us today!

  • Build an aligned team
  • Help teams manage change effectively
  • Nurture a positive culture
Team Coach
Team Support
Team Support

Coaching for life and work

Everyone can do with some advice or extra motivation from time to time.

A little coaching for life – and work – can have a big impact on positive workforce wellbeing. These programs help individuals, managers and teams to perform at their best. They are also useful for people in challenging roles on deployment to other locations.

We provide:

  • Well-checks
  • Health programs
  • Peer support
  • Deployment
  • Supervision

Would you like a team coach on your side? Talk to us today!

  • Build team energy and inspiration
  • Help your team work at their best

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Championing the unlimited potential of good health, let Benestar help you and your company today.

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At Benestar, we are all about helping people when and where they need us with all aspects of their life - physical, mental, social and financial. After all, strong, happy and healthy people equate to a productive, engaged workforce.