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Creating a workforce that is happier, healthier and more resilient is more than individual wellbeing. It’s about building teams that are connected, engaged and have greater awareness of their overall health and wellbeing.



Our Workforce Wellness services enable you to proactively support teams or at-risk groups within your organisation before an issue escalates. Our services allow teams to identify and work through workplace challenges or conflict while empowering individuals with self-care strategies that are proven to enhance wellbeing, build connection and elevate performance.

Our services include Mediation, Role Supervision and Well-Checks and can be customised to compliment your existing health and wellbeing strategy.

  • Proactive, early intervention to help identify and mitigate risk
  • Improved engagement, productivity and commitment
  • Build connected, resilient, high-performing teams
  • Create a culture of wellness across your workforce

A healthy and well team is a high-performing team. Our Well-Check service offers proactive, early intervention that identifies risk and enhances individual and team wellbeing. 

As people leaders, we want our team members to bring their best self to work, to feel included, valued and motivated, but we may not feel equipped to recognise and deal with individuals' issues of mental health and general wellbeing.

An organisation cannot afford to ignore the mental wellbeing of teams – and we need to be able to recognise any issues early on and to act on accordingly if required.

The Well-Check service is delivered by our experienced senior consultants; it offers proactive support to individual teams or at-risk groups within your organisation – before an issue becomes critical.

Team members receive one-on-one support to help identify challenges and develop proactive self-care strategies.

By applying a Well-Check to proactively identify and address issues early on, you not only support team members to be well in life and work. Employee wellbeing is vital for maintaining and improving team- and business performance over time.

A Well-Check also help in establishing a team culture that encourages individuals to feel safe in raising issues and to look out for one another. Open communication helps to remove stigma associated with mental health.

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  • Identify and mitigate risk early on – before it's too late
  • Proactively support your team's wellbeing
  • Build mentally healthy and resilient teams
  • Understand impacts on engagement, productivity and attendance
  • Maintain and improve team performance
  • Encourage a culture of open communication
Role Supervision
Role Supervision
Role Supervision

Collaborative, facilitated discussions to enhance team performance and wellbeing

Teams that feel connected have trust, and open lines of communication are more productive and more engaged. 

Role Supervision is a collaborative, facilitated discussion to enhance the wellbeing and performance of a team or group within an organisation. Facilitated by a senior consultant, the service creates a safe space for individuals within a team to reflect and discuss the challenges and successes they experience within their role. The service provides individuals with the opportunity to share ideas, resources and develop deeper connections through peer support. 

Role Supervision can be tailored and customised to best meet your organisation’s needs – and to achieve the most beneficial results for your organisation, we recommend this service as an ongoing intervention.  

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  • Build team interconnectedness and cohesion
  • Improve team engagement and collaboration
  • Enhance individual confidence and capability

Proactive conflict resolution

Conflict is an inevitable part of work and life but left unresolved, it can have costly, lasting negative effects on both individuals and organisations.

Our Mediation service is a proactive, conflict resolution service that provides your people with a safe environment to navigate workplace conflict or tensions effectively.

Guided by a qualified Benestar mediator, individuals receive independent, impartial support to safely share their issues and concerns while working towards a resolution that satisfies the needs and wellbeing of all involved. 

The service is voluntary, informal, non-adversarial and can be utilised when communication has broken down or tensions are building between individuals within the workplace.

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  • Reduce stress, tension and absenteeism
  • Improve trust, communication and workplace relationships
  • Build cohesive and high functioning teams

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