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Frequently Asked Questions
We’ve been listening! Find the answers to our most commonly asked questions.

At Benestar our purpose is to help you be the best you can be in every aspect of your life, not just when there are challenges but so you can continually enhance your own wellbeing. Expand the questions below to find out more about how we do this. 

The conversation doesn’t stop there. If there is something else you want to ask us please email at [email protected] or give us a call.

Who is Benestar?

Benestar is a leading provider of health and wellbeing services and support organisations and their employees. We’ve been helping people to be the best they can be for more than 30 years – it’s what we do and we’re good at it.

Why don’t you use EAP in your terminology?

EAP or employee assistance programs have evolved significantly over the past decade or so. We’ve spent a lot of time talking with organisations and we understand that continuing to use the term EAP provides a narrow view of the range of support that is really available and also adds a level of stigma for people accessing support. We knew it was time to change the language – so we did. 

Why is wellbeing important?

Our wellbeing is a key factor in our life satisfaction and our happiness as well as enabling us to successfully manage our way through life and achieve what we are aiming for. Our overall wellbeing is governed by our mental health, our physical health, our financial health and our social interactions. The more we focus on improving and enhancing all of the elements of our wellbeing, the more we will enjoy life.

Is MyCoach confidential?

We take great care to ensure that any information you share with your coach remains confidential. No identifying information about you is ever provided to your organisation. If there is a need to share your information at any time we will require your written consent to do so. Please note that if you are at risk of harming yourself or others we are obligated to act to ensure safety. We may also be required by law to provide information in some circumstances. 

What qualifications do Benestar coaches have?

We have a team of experienced, qualified and caring allied health professionals. Depending on the support you need, your coach will be a psychologist, social worker, psychotherapist, financial counsellor, dietitian, or sleep specialist. All of our coaches complete rigorous accreditation programs and undertake regular professional development to ensure they are guiding you using the latest thinking and practice.

What is MyCoach?

MyCoach is all about helping individuals to improve their health and wellbeing. MyCoach provides confidential support and coaching for a wide range of issues. Our professional coaches assist individuals to explore the issues and develop strategies to cope with a situation or to change it.

People seek different outcomes from the MyCoach experience and we take time to understand expectations and what individuals are seeking from their coaching experience.

What is ‘Best you’ by Benestar?

You may know this program as Employee Assistance Program or EAP. Except that we’ve made it better! ‘Best you’ is about helping people to be their best, not just when there are areas of concern but so that they can continually enhance their own wellbeing.


Organisations can use this program to support their employees and eligible family members. Individuals can use it to access confidential coaching and support on a range of work and personal issues – for free!


For organisations, ‘Best you’ is a resource that supports employees, managers and teams with day-to-day issues and major events. We also monitor organisational trends, emerging issues and risks so that you proactively manage your workforce wellbeing.

Our Offerings

At Benestar, we are all about helping people when and where they need us with all aspects of their life - physical, mental, social and financial. After all, strong, happy and healthy people equate to a productive, engaged workforce.